from 16 to 40% monthly
with a daily payout,​

by investing in the American porn industry

Lexton Brothers is the first international company in the investment market which will enable you to receive additional income by cooperating with the world's largest porn studios.

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USD 3000

Per second are spent on creating porn content in the world

USD 24 bn

Aggregated annual revenue of all global porn websites

USD 97.6 bn

Annual turnover of the global porn industry


Of global internet traffic is porn content


Of tax revenue of California is provided by porn industry


How does Lexton Brothers work?

We competently use investment opportunities, choosing partnership only with large American porn studios.



Quebec, Canada

Annual revenue

USD 126m

New Sensations

New Sensations

San Francisco, California

Annual revenue

USD 73m


Reality Kings

Miami Beach, Florida

Annual revenue

USD 144m

Jules Jordan Video

Jules Jordan Video

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Annual revenue

USD 52m

Naughty America

Naughty America

San Diego, California

Annual revenue

USD 256m

Hustler Video

Hustler Video

Beverly Hills, California

Annual revenue

USD 312m

San Francisco, California

Annual revenue

USD 164m



Miami, Florida

Annual revenue

USD 212m

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance

Los Angeles, California

Annual revenue

USD 95m



Montréal, Canada

Annual revenue

USD 407m


Where will your money work?

Our investment portfolio is managed by an experienced team of experts and analysts in the porn industry.

This allows effective analysis of the market situation, diversification of risks, and competent use of investments in various fields



Creation of porn content at well-known American studios


Virtual reality

Development of porn content for virtual and augmented reality


Sex toys

Production and sale of sex toys and other intimate goods


Advertising and media

Advertisement on websites of large porn studios

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Investment plans

From 16 to 40% monthly. Daily payouts. Deposit refund is available every month

Deposit (USD)
Lite - 6 months
Standard - 9 months
Premium - 12 months
$ 10 - 150
$ 151 - 500
$ 501 - 2000
$ 2001 - 10000
  • You can make money today, starting with just $10
  • The more your deposit amount and its term — the greater your income
  • Daily payouts from 0.51% to 1.30% with instant payments to your e-wallet
  • A small fee for the early withdrawal of the deposit. Just from 1 to 5% in the Lite package, from 1 to 10% in Standard, and from 2 to 15% in Platinum

Income calculator

How much you can make

Deposit amount min USD 10

Rate %8

Profit USD750


$ 5 750

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Why is it profitable to invest in the porn industry?

  • Analysts predict that the volume of
    porn content for virtual reality market
    will constitute USD 1 bn by 2025.
  • Porn industry investments are effective:
    market specifics guarantee high profitability
    even with minimal investments.
  • Among all Internet searches, 35% are related to the subject of porn and this figure is growing.
  • In the times of a crisis, US government supports porn industry believing in its importance for the health and psychological comfort of the nation.

Every 39 minutes, the US releases a new porn film, and the traffic of porn sites exceeds the number of visits Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined and is more than 450 million views per month.

Films today



  • Porn content is in demand all over the world, its production and consumption increase year-on-year.
  • Porn industry is a
    thriving market with the
    USD 100 bn turnover.
  • It is an official branch of US economy, which pays taxes to the budget.
  • Porn industry interests are protected by Free Speech Coalition professional association.


Why invest with Lexton Brothers


We are a licensed and regulated company

We are a licensed and regulated company, registered in Canada. Our head office is registered at the following address: Suite 260, 2323-32 Avenue N.Е. Calgary, Alberta Т2Е 6ZЗ., Canada. We are registered in the Service Alberta Canadian State Register.


Every member of our team is an expert

Our investment portfolio is managed by an experienced team. They competently use investments in various fields of porn industry. Experienced analysts and experts, who value their reputation in the market, take balanced financial decisions for you.


Anyone can invest

We offer advantageous and transparent conditions for short-, medium- and long-term investment. Investment terms are flexible and can be adapted to your financial goals. The minimal amount to be invested is USD 10.


Easy to invest and to withdraw money

Investing with us, you receive free access to managing your account in the company with the possibility of immediate transfer and withdrawal of funds at any time.


Protection of clients’

The key goal of the investment world is security and protection of clients’ funds. Being a licensed and regulated financial company, we safeguard our business, use the highest level of protection when conducting internal and external transactions.


Individual attitude towards every client

All our clients receive equal quality service and support. This is one of Lexton Brothers’ pillars, which will never change. The volume of investment does not matter.


Fairness and transparency

In Lexton Brothers, we openly declare modalities of cooperation. There are no hidden agendas both regarding terms of investments and the fulfillment of partner program conditions. Clients receive exactly what is stated on our website, regardless of the volume of their investment and level of activity.


Timely client support

We provide technical support 24/7/365 and constant client support to help you easily find all necessary information. We are ready to answer all your questions and solve any problem quickly and effectively.

Become an investor

Current assets are increased through attraction of a large circle of investors

By managing our assets and also attracting external investments we considerably increase our joint income.

Subsequently, the entire profit from the porn industry is distributed between porn studios, our experts/analysts, and investors.

The volume of the investor’s income directly depends on the company’s current investment plan and the initial deposit.

Within only a month of investment, you will be able to receive your first dividends, which will grant you free time while your assets work.


How to invest with Lexton Brothers?



Register on Lexton Brothers website



Get access to your investor’s personal account



Select the package and amount of the investment



Receive your profit or continue investing

Sign up


Upon registration, you will see a convenient interface of your personal account



We are often asked:

Why haven’t I heard of you before?

Lexton Brothers is a young team of experienced experts and analysts, who already have considerable knowledge in the porn industry. This type of investment used not to be public and was available only to a narrow circle of people. Now, when we have reached the new level and increased the capital turnover of the company, we aim for a solid expansion, new offices in all big capitals of the world, creating our own porn studio with innovative virtual reality technologies, as well as broadening cooperation with porn studios in Europe and Asia.

Why does the income ranges from 16 to 40% and not more?

We adhere to the conservative investment strategy. We suppose that it is better to provide a stable passive income every month rather than put our clients’ deposits at unjustifiable risks.

US porn industry is a profitable business segment; it can bring revenue only with the right approach. You can learn more about our investment strategies in the "Investment" section.

What risks could I bear?

Of course, any investment tool bears a certain risk. There are no totally risk-free investments in the world. It is important to understand that different assets have a different level of risk: some are reliable, but with a lower profitability; others are more profitable, but also riskier. Some risks can be totally excluded; others can be considerably reduced. Our niche allows a sizeable growth of profit by means of its capitalization and liquidity. However, our strategies are meant, first of all, for conserving the funds through finding solutions with an optimal risk/profit ratio. Evaluation and reduction of risks must be the key question for any investor who wants to receive passive income from investing his/her capital. Thus, a private investor must adequately evaluate his risks and manage them competently.

Are there any penalties for early closure of the investment?

After your deposit becomes part of our investment portfolio, we activate it. Every investment needs time to increase income. To guarantee the safety of funds, to prevent their premature withdrawal and keep the assets operational balance stable, penalties were provided.

In each of the investment packages, such as Lite, Standard, and Premium, there are certain temporary corridors in 6, 9, 12 months of the penalty system from the moment of investment. Therefore, in the case of premature closing of the investment, a penalty may be charged - from 1% to 15% depending on the amount of the deposit and the previously selected investment package. Closing an investment will be available once a month for 72 hours, immediately after crediting the full monthly amount of your current investment plan.

Before making an investment, we ask you to once again carefully consider your business commitment as a partner of Lexton Brothers. We prefer working only with serious investors. We believe that premature withdrawal of funds is a shortsighted move, for which we call to responsibility.

Which payment systems can I use for deposit/withdrawal of funds?

Currently, you can use such payment systems as Payeer, it will also be implemented the ability to deposit accounts with another payment systems in the near future.

In the age of technology and the fast developing financial sector, an e-wallet is the most convenient way to conduct payments between individuals and international companies. You don’t have to register your business, pay taxes, and open an account in a foreign bank to receive profit to your e-wallet. We will do it for you. You will just receive your money and use it. Using the system data, we offer our clients really the best deposit/withdrawal terms. In the future, we plan to gradually add other payment systems for a more convenient depositing and withdrawal of funds from your account.

Is there a maintenance fee for my account?

There is no monthly fee for account maintenance and technical support.


Do you have any questions?